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4 USEFCU Features That May Make Life A Little Easier


4 USEFCU Features That May Make Life A Little Easier

Are you feeling overwhelmed? If so, you are not alone.

The “new normal” (raise your hand if you are tired of that expression) has put additional stress on a lot of people, many of whom were already stressed.

Now not only are you trying your best to be a good employee and parent but now you may need to be a part-time teacher/IT professional due to your child's virtual learning. Have you been working from home for the last few months? Are you going to lose your mind if you have one more video conference call? Maybe your hours have been reduced, but not your monthly bills.

Whatever your circumstance may be, USE Federal Credit Union has products available that may help make life a little bit easier.

Below are four options USEFCU offers that we want you to know about!

1. 2.99% APR Credit Card Balance Transfer

Paying high interest is an absolute budget killer. Transfer your high-interest debt to a USEFCU credit card and receive 2.99% APR for 6 months. After 6 months, you will enjoy fixed rates as low as 9.00% APR, plus a 10-day payment grace period – because we understand that sometimes you need that payment flexibility.

For more information, or to apply online, click here.

2. Refinance your home and/or auto

Speaking of paying too much in interest, when was your last home purchase or refi?  Mortgage rates are at or near all-time lows. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save thousands. Refinance your home with USEFCU – even if it has only been a couple of years since your purchase or last refi.

For more information on home loans, click here.

The same goes for your car or truck. You could save a ton throughout your auto loan term by refinancing your auto with us. Plus, we offer $200 and 60 days of no payments to those who qualify!

To learn more about our buyback program, click here.

3. Debt Protection

Things happen outside of our control. You may lose your job or have to take FMLA. With debt protection, your loan is covered even with a loss of income.

If you do need a loan to bridge a financial gap (or for any reason at all) ask our loan officers about debt protection coverage. It can save you big, especially during uncertain times.

4. Overdraft Protection

USEFCU offers two ways to protect yourself from overdrawing your accounts.

Overdraft Protection

With our Overdraft Protection services, you can link 1) other deposit accounts or 2) a line of credit to your checking account. That way, money can be pulled from those sources to avoid an overdraft altogether.

Overdraft Privilege

By choosing Overdraft Privilege, you can pay a per-item fee to ensure transactions up to a certain amount go through — regardless of your account’s current bottom line. To extend your coverage to include ATM and everyday debit card transactions, consent is required.

For more information, click here.

These are just a few of the ways USEFCU can assist you on your financial path. For further assistance, please visit your nearest branch, or call us at 405-685-6200.