We work hard for hard-working people

Mission Statement: To provide service that goes above and beyond expectations to our members and to each other.

At USE Federal Credit Union, no two members are the same. Blue or white collar, younger or wiser, they all have one thing in common — they hustle for every dollar they earn. We show our appreciation for that determination with low rates and consistent, personalized care.

The fundamental difference between a credit union and a bank is that we're not for profit. We don’t have stockholders. We exist to serve our members — not to profit from them.

We pride ourselves in providing service that goes above and beyond expectations. We achieve this by giving hard-working people a chance — finding the best solutions for their unique situations. Of course, that’s easy to say, but the proof is in our membership.

Chartered in 1938 by Oklahoma City postal workers, US Employees Federal Credit Union started with fifteen members, $248.50 in assets, and two employees. Through our hard work and your trust, our assets have grown to over $200 million with over 18,000 loyal members — many of them generational. Nothing says, “you’re doing something right” like relationships of over 50 years within three generations of the same family.

Learn more about membership with USEFCU on our Become a Member page. For questions, please contact us.