Checking Account Fees

Type Fee
Returned Item/Overdraft $25/Item
Stop Payment $25/Request
Fresh Start Checking $5/Month

EFT Fees

Type Fee
Electronic Cash Management $15/Item
ATM Withdrawal/Transfer 5 Free Transactions/Month; 75¢/Transaction Thereafter
ATM Balance Inquiry 75¢/Each
Card Replacement $5/Card
Instant Issue Card Replacement   $10/Card
ACH Overdraft $25/Item
ACH Stop Payment $25/Item
Debit Card Overdraft $25/Item
Draft Receipt/Retrieval $12/Each
Loan Payment Convenience $15/Payment

Safe Deposit Box Fees

Type Fee
Annual Rental Size (3 x 5) $10/Year
Annual Rental Size (3 x 10) $20/Year
Annual Rental Size (5 x 10) $25/Year
Annual Rental Size (10 x 10) $55/Year
Single Key Replacement $10
Change of Locks Cost
Drilling Boxes Cost

Other Service Fees

Type Fee
Item Sent for Collection $10/Item
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $15/Transfer
Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $15/Transfer
Corporate Check $3/Check
Transfer Money Card $3.50
Account Reconciliation $15/Hour
Account Research $15/Hour
Statement Copy $2/Statement
Deposited Item Return $25/Item
Money Order $3/Each
Legal Process Cost
Photocopy/Microfilm Copy $2/Copy
Verification of Deposit $15
Inactive Account Fee $5/Quarterly  (2 years no activity)
Loan Late Fee $25
HELOC Late Fee $25
Escheat Research Fee $100
Credit Card Late Fee $25
Bad Address $5/Monthly
Garnishment/Levy Fee $25
Overdraft Transfer $5/Transfer
Online Bill Pay Free
Payment Deferral  $25