Through the SecurLOCK Equip app, you can manage your debit card from the palm of your hand. With various features available, you can check transactions, turn on notifications, and get fraud alerts — anytime, anywhere.

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Location Services

Are you tired of notifying us every time you go out of town? SecurLOCK Equip puts you in control. Simply enable your location on your mobile phone and the device location will be sent when significant location changes are detected.

This information is used to match address information for the store location when you make an in-store purchase. If you would rather not enable location services, you can enable your “regions” and define the states you visit most.

Fraud Alerts

Fraud alerts allow you to respond quickly to potential fraud on your account. SecurLOCK Equip sends you alerts on your mobile device if your card is used for suspicious activity. Using SecurLOCK Equip to respond to these alerts can prevent additional fraud or the inconvenience of having your card turned off unnecessarily.


How great would it be to get a notification as soon as your card is used for a large online purchase? SecurLOCK Equip delivers alerts directly to your Apple® or Android™ mobile device. You can select the criteria used to generate the alerts. Set your preferences right from the app.

Card On/Off

Have you ever misplaced your debit card? SecurLOCK Equip lets you turn off the card while you look for it. Once you find your card and you’re ready to use it, simply turn it back on. If you can’t find your card, please call 888-263-3370.