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Things To Know Before Refinancing Your Home


Things To Know Before Refinancing Your Home

Getting a better interest rate to lower your monthly payments remains among the top reasons to refinance. But getting that lower rate depends on several factors such as your financial situation, credit score, and the lender you’ve selected for your refinance.

Keep in mind refinancing for a mortgage comes with all the same processes and fees you experienced when you first got your home loan, such as paying for a home appraisal, title insurance, inspection, document recording, etc.

When searching for the right lender, be sure you do your homework and get estimates of the cost of every item. Some lenders tout a low rate to get you in the door but charge higher escrow and processing costs than others. They know once you’ve committed time and effort to a lender, it will be difficult (but not impossible) for you to walk away from the process.

If you want to refi, follow these steps:

Check Your Credit Report

Before talking to a lender, it’s wise to check your credit report several months before to be sure that there are no issues that would negatively impact the interest rate you receive from your lender. If there are issues, you’ll have time to clear them up before you apply for your home refinance.

Get Prequalified For A Home Loan

Once you’re ready, stop by your local credit union and get pre-qualified for a home refinance loan. A prequalification will let you know how you are able to borrow, what programs are available to you, and what interest rates you qualify for.

Do The Math

With preliminary numbers in hand, you’ll know if refinancing makes financial sense for your situation. You’ll need to compare that with the monthly savings you’ll have with your new rate to see if it works for you.

Contact USEFCU

If you’re uncertain about a home refinance or want to learn more, contact one of our home loan specialists and they’ll explain the processes and programs available. We’ll help you understand all of the things you need to know before you refinance your loan and show you why USEFCU is the best place for your refinance.